Cat family reunion marred by indifference

A long-anticipated reunion of four feline siblings has been ruined by the fact that not one of the cats gave a shit about the occasion.

The cats had not seen each other since being rehomed at about ten weeks old – more than a decade ago – but the owner of one of them took it upon herself to find out where his brothers and sisters lived so they could all spend a little time together.

It took Jane, 54, almost a year to track down the other three cats, and after she’d persuaded their owners it would be fun to see if they recognised each other, the other siblings were driven to her house for an afternoon.

Recounting the incident, Jane said: ‘It was actually quite disappointing. The other cats were bored and uninterested, and my sweet boy, Trousers, simply left the room until the others eventually vacated the property.’

She added: ‘I had it in my mind that they’d somehow recognise each other, or at least realise they were related and be interested in each other. I was wrong and I apologise.’

One of the cats simply refused to get out of her box, while the other two sniffed some sofas and went to sleep.

When asked for a comment, Trousers said: ‘You are boring, boring people.’