Furious cat denies calling owner ‘mum’

An angry cat has denied claims that he calls his owner ‘mum’.

Angela Freeman, a 48-year-old receptionist, has told everyone she knows that her cat, Fluff, has started addressing her as if she were his mother.

‘It’s complete bullshit,’ said Fluff Freeman, a ten-year-old Siamese. ‘It’s tragic and it’s actually libellous.’

He pointed out that the noises he makes are consistent with those made by nearly all cats when they are hungry or require attention.

‘I do not regard her as my mother. And it wasn’t even a slip of the tongue. It’s just the shape of my mouth – sometimes “meow” sounds like something else, OK?’

Angela, who has regularly and unsuccessfully tried to dress Fluff Freeman in baby clothes, often resulting in deep lacerations to her arms and hands, this week posted on social media: ‘My little son has started calling me Mum and it’s so adorbs. I’m so #blessed that he loves me as much as I love him.’

Fluff Freeman added that he planned to run away in the summer.