Accidental yawn-meow combo destroys ginger tom’s hard-nut reputation

Roger “Marmalade Baby” Davidson, an eight-year-old ginger tom, was today left mortified after an incident that could wreck his reputation as the hardest bastard in his neighbourhood.

While basking on a sunny pavement after having torn off the ear of a love rival, Davidson indulged in a satisfied yawn, but accidentally let out an sweet little meow at the same time.

His shame was compounded by the fact that the incident was witnessed by a small group of humans, who were heard loudly referring to the sound as “adorable” and “a tiny meoawn”.

One onlooker told The Lab Report: “I’ve seen that cat around and I used to think he was fearsome. People say that dogs are scared of him, but now I can see he’s just a cute widdle softy.”

Davidson refused to comment, beyond dismissing the story as “fake news” and bapping our reporter quite hard on the wrist.