Boston terrier aware that he’s a pick-up accessory

A young Boston terrier has confirmed he is fully aware that his owner is using him to pick up other men, and that he is perfectly fine with it.

Archibald Bryant, three, said he first became suspicious of his owner’s motives shortly after they moved in together, when he would be walked in areas of the park favoured by young, good looking men, rather than the family sections.

“It’s always the same scenario,” Archibald told The Lab Report. “He’ll spot someone he likes the look of and if the feeling’s mutual the other guy will bend over and make a fuss of me. They’ll get chatting and before you know it, they’re all up in each other’s business like a couple of hounds.”

He added:“Some of my friends get excited when they hear the word ‘walkies’. Me, I hear ‘cruising’ and I rush off to get my diamond-studded collar.”

The dog said he had no problem with the arrangement because it usually means more treats, attention and variety for him.

“Apparently, I have my uses the morning after too,” he said. “If my owner wants to get rid of them he can tell them I need a poop and off we all go. The main thing is that I am his one true love. We both know that.”

Photo courtesy of Fiona and Michael Bryant