Cats receive Whatsapp signal to attend sunny windowsills

Members of a 12-strong Whatsapp group this morning received an urgent signal to attend south-facing windowsills.

The message was sent out by black cat Lavinia Bixby-Dangerfield, who woke up early on a Sunday morning and discovered that the first sunshine she’d felt in several days was streaming through the window of her tenement property in Edinburgh.

She told The Lab report: “I didn’t waste any time bothering the people for breakfast – I simply alerted the Whatsapp gang and assumed the position between the window glass and curtains, and performed my ablutions in the sun before falling asleep.”

Lavinia’s neighbours, Leo and Tracy Bassington-French, a fluffy tabby and ginger respectively, were the first to act upon the message.

“We had planned to stay in bed but the opportunity to bask in the windowsill was too tempting to resist,” said Leo. “I too fell sleep in the sun but Tracy got too hot and had to go lie on her back in the kitchen.”