‘Body-positive’ cat claims box still fits her

Pamela Trimble-Phillips, a 12-year-old black and white cat, this week hit back at critics who suggested she needed a “more appropriate, looser-fitting” box.

Pamela said she felt compelled to stand up to her detractors after receiving what she described as a “barrage of abuse” after posting a picture of herself in what she called her “prom box”, alongside a caption that read: “Still got it, never lost it.”

The comments included unkind observations about her “muffin-top”. One read: “She’s got an OK face, but I don’t see why she has to squeeze herself into that box. Where’s her dignity? She’d look much more elegant in a larger box – less desperate.”

But Pamela, who says she is proud of being “body-positive”, said it was up to her, and not society, what kind of box she used.

“I felt great in it,” she told The Lab Report. “I’ve had four litters and, yes, I’m a little thicker around the middle, but I stay healthy and I feel strong and confident. F*** the haters and body-shamers.”

After being contacted for comment, Pamela’s owners told The Lab Report that the box in question, which originally contained a pair of running shoes from Office, had split open several times due to her expanding girth and was being held together at the back with gaffa tape.