Cat is locked in cupboard, fails to notice

Alfred Proudfoot, a four-year-old ginger cat, this week failed to notice that he had been locked in a wardrobe by accident.

Proudfoot’s owner was tidying her Edinburgh flat in preparation for a visit from the estate agent when she closed the door of her bedroom wardrobe, unaware that the cat was inside.

An hour after the visitor left she realised she had not seen Proudfoot for some time. Fearing he had run off, she frantically called his name on the street after checking all his usual hiding places inside the flat.

She eventually found him asleep on some jumpers in a cupboard.

When asked about his ordeal, Proudfoot, blinking sleepily, told The Lab Report: “What? I was locked in? Gosh, I didn’t notice. I must’ve nodded off.”

He claimed he had merely been “resting his eyes” in the cupboard, and thought it was “awfully thoughtful” of his owner to activate the dimmer switch.

“I don’t understand what all the fuss is about,” he added, before padding off to a sunny windowsill.