Dog smells own urine message, can’t remember saying that

Stewart McPherson, a ten-year-old golden retriever, has distanced himself from a message left in his own urine eight hours earlier, claiming to have no memory of having made the observation.

Chipping Norton-based Stewart was having an leisurely early evening stroll in the park when he came across the message, which was clearly produced with his signature scent – something he readily admitted.

However, he insists he has no memory of having expressed the opinion expressed in the urine left earlier that day.

“At best I’m having a senior moment,” he told The Lab Report. “At worst, somebody is trying to discredit me, but I’m damned if I know how they’ve gone about it.”

The Lab Report has been unable to uncover the exact details of the message, but it is believed to be an unflattering reference to Marion Cooper-Johnson, the mother of some of Stewart’s children.

“I wouldn’t say we’re friendly, but we have an amicable enough relationship,” he insisted.