Cat smells finger, declines cuddle

Robson Fielding, a chunky black and white cat, this week declined a cuddle from a person on the street after sniffing her finger.

Huddersfield-based Fielding, eight, was on his way home after pooing in the neighbour’s garden when he bumped into a friendly woman on the street.

“She seemed quite nice, and I’m all up for having my head stroked in the sunshine, so when she bent down and put her hand out for me to smell, I approached her and gave her finger a bit of a sniff.”

At that moment, he decided against accepting a petting from the woman, and walked away with his tail in the air.

“She didn’t smell weird or anything,” he told The Lab Report. “Just wasn’t for me, you know? I told her: ‘Nothing personal, but it’s a no from me.’”