Cat has violent change of heart while being brushed

Irene Lawson-Jones, a two-year-old grey cat, this week aggressively changed her mind during a grooming session.

The Leeds-based Russian grey was being brushed gently and lovingly by her owner James – a ritual she really enjoys – when the dramatic change of heart occurred.

Eyewitness Morag Lawson-Jones, Irene’s sister, said: “One minute it was all purrs and loving, the next there was claret everywhere.

“She was on the sofa next to our owner, James, head-butting him sweetly on the arm to encourage him to give her a brush, because she likes how it feels and knows it keeps her coat looking pretty.

Then, out of the blue, with no warning, she lost her shit and turned on the poor guy. She hissed and before he knew what had hit him she’d sunk her teeth deep into his forearm. It was quite the U-turn. He actually cried.”

Irene then stormed off and had a nap.

The Lab Report contacted her to get her side of the story but she refused to comment.