Rural dog declares urban smells to be superior

Wilbur Richardson-Oliver, a nine-year-old Border terrier from Perthshire, has announced that city smells are far more complex and intriguing than those found in the country.

Richardson-Oliver, who has spent most of his life on a farm, has recently been paying regular visits to the Leith district of Edinburgh, an area he describes as “a veritable wonderland” of smells.

“It’s not for me to say, but my friends describe me as something of a connoisseur when it comes to olfactory matters and I don’t mind saying that my mind has been blown – yes, blown – by what I’ve encountered in Leith.

“There’s a richness in the culture that contributes to a stunning blend of smells, ranging from great delicacies such as macaroni pies and haggis pizza to urine containing traces of extraordinary flavours, including the most expensive single-malt whiskies and popular local tipples known as Irn-Bru and Buckfast Tonic Wine,” he explained.

He added that he was in no way being dismissive about those smells one could find in a more rural setting, but that “there is something about the scent of city streets that really makes a chap feel alive”.

“My country friends who have never visited the city often joke about the paucity of dead things to sniff and roll in in the concrete jungle, but I tell them you simply have to know where to look.”