Cat’s bum grateful for sewing project

Aretha Dixon, a Brighton-based cat, has expressed gratitude for the sewing project that her owner started specifically for her to have something interesting to sit on.

To the untrained eye it might have looked as if Aretha’s owner had cleared the dining room table in order to make some alterations to a dress she was planning to wear to a forthcoming wedding.

She was, however, organising a complicated project so that Aretha had a fascinating new thing to put her bottom on.

The ginger and white cat told The Lab Report: “It was so lovely of her to go to all that trouble for me, especially as I know she’s been very busy.

“Shortly after she sat down and started pretending to work on the dark blue dress, I walked slowly over it, turned around a couple of times, then put my bum on it.

“I made a point of purring loudly and smiling in her direction so she knew I appreciated what she’d done for me. Then I had a good old wash and she knew she’d done the right thing. Bless her.”