Cat sick of anthropomorphic scourge’

Amelia Henderson, a fluffy grey and white cat, has spoken out about what she regards as the modern scourge of anthropomorphism.

The 12-year-old Devon-based cat said she is sick of people attributing human characteristics or intentions onto animals.

Writing on her blog, she said: “People are guilty of anthropomorphism for two reasons: ignorance and/or attention seeking, and I don’t know which is worse.

“Those who fall into the former category will claim their pet has some awareness of or interest in matters which they can’t possibly understand (exhibit A: Sky News’ Kay Burley suggesting there was ‘sadness’ in a dog’s eyes following the recent terror attacks in Paris). Our kind have had to deal with their kind since the dawn of time.

“The latter try to get cheap laughs by ‘knowingly’ or ‘jokingly’ attempting to portray their pets as having motives or thoughts which animals clearly do not have. It’s insulting, it’s boring. It needs to stop.”

One of her followers, a Siamese based in Toronto who goes by the user name “SlimGemini”, commented under the post: “I agree wholeheartedly. My main concerns are food, sleep, comfort, play and, from time to time, sex.

“I have no interest in philosophy or politics – I don’t even know what these things are. Please stop attributing this shit to me.”

Amelia plans to build a social media campaign to highlight her concerns and plans to set up a Twitter account called @everydayanthropomorphism to help other pets highlight examples of their experiences and to shame those who are guilty of it.