German shepherd has ‘resting bitch face’

Helga Johnston, a six-year-old German shepherd, has spoken of her disappointment on realising that she has a “resting bitch face”.

Helga, who lives in seaside town of North Berwick in Scotland, says she is as happy and friendly as any other dog, but when her face is in “neutral” she looks mean and standoffish.

“I’d only heard of the expression, ‘resting bitch face’, quite recently,” she told The Lab Report. “At first I was understandably confused by it but it makes perfect sense now, and describes something I have been living with for my entire life.”

She said that some humans, and other dogs, give her a wide berth because they suspect she will be judgemental, at best, based entirely on her facial expression. Some even suspect she has violent motives, she claimed.

“Usually that couldn’t be further from the truth,” she said. “It’s just my face. I have to make an extra effort to smile or stick my tongue out simply in order to make friends at the beach.”