Cat takes charge of neighbourhood watch

Wilfred Thorpe, a ten-year-old ginger cat, has declared himself captain of his neighbourhood watch scheme.

Mr Thorpe has over the years grown dissatisfied with the “slapdash” attitude to security in his area and has taken control in what some have described as a “thoroughly unnecessary” move.

“Since when did vigilance become a mortal sin?” he asked. “There has been too much sleeping on the job. I’m here to put that right.”

Mr Thorpe has been keeping a detailed log of the comings and goings in his Cambridgshire cul-de-sac, and says he is more than happy to share it with the authorities should the need arise.

“Several young hooligans visited number nine over the weekend. Don’t think I didn’t notice that,” he said.

“And that woman at number 13 hasn’t cleared up after her dreadful dog. She thinks nobody spotted that but I see everything.”

Wilfred went on to describe at great length the minor infractions committed by those living in his neighbourhood, and was further infuriated when those listening began to wander off.