Puppy ‘phones in’ head tilt

Robinson Crichton-Williams, a Sheffield-based Labrador puppy, as admitted that he doesn’t understand the point of the cute head tilt and only really does it out of politeness.

The revelation came after a video of Robinson’s siblings adorably tilting their heads went viral. Robinson is clearly visible to the left of the screen putting his own head at a slight angle, but without the enthusiasm displayed by his brothers and sister.

“I was phoning it in, I admit it,” he told The Lab Report. “It’s like when you go to the theatre and there’s a standing ovation at the end. You can’t stay seated while everyone else is on their feet or you’ll look stupid – or grumpy.

“So I just went along with it.”

He added that he had observed that not all dogs were expected to perform this tilt, and that there was less of an onus on older animals to do it. As a result, he was quite happy to continue phoning it in while it was expected of him.