Cat on diet tries out tragic new sounds

Cynthia Wellington, an obese tabby, has been experimenting with a range of heartbreaking noises in a bid to convince her owners that she is starving.

Cynthia, 12, has been on prescription diet food for several years and is adamant that she is a victim of cruelty and neglect.

Even though the expensive “satiety control” food is especially formulated for her by a kind vet, and one of her owners gives her prawns when the other isn’t looking, Cynthia fears she may soon expire from malnourishment.

“I tried lying on my back with a pained look on my face but they just laughed, which shows how little they respect me,” she told The Lab Report.

“So now I wonder around the house and make the most heartbreaking mewling sounds I can muster. It works best in echoey areas, when they’re trying to sleep.

“It never fails to get their attention. One of them always come rushing out to find out what’s wrong with me.”

Unfortunately for Cynthia, while her pitiful material has attracted a great deal of concern in the household, it hasn’t yet translated into larger food portions.

“I won’t give up,” said Cynthia. “I’ve got a few tricks up my stripy sleeve. I’ve been trying out something that sounds like a baby crying. I’m going to debut that on Friday when he’s back from the fishmonger.”

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Cynthia Wellington: ‘might die from starvation’