‘Sexist’ Basset refuses to see female vet

Conrad Venables Junior, a Berkshire-based Basset hound, has made it plain that on no account will he be treated by a female vet.

Conrad Venables Junior: says ‘men have larger brains’

Venables, who has a lump on his leg that requires attention, has said he would rather have his nose cut off than be examined by a woman.

“Don’t misunderstand me, I am more than happy to be groomed by a lady,” he said. “Delighted, in fact. These sort of tasks are best performed by the fairer sex. It is in their nature.

“But on no account can crucial medical matters be left to females. Absolutely not. How can one be certain they won’t be distracted by fripperies?

“Without wishing into vulgar details, there are elements of their physical makeup that make them irrational and prone to hysteria. And don’t think I can’t tell because I do, you know.”
After being challenged about his “sexist” views, Venables insisted that it was a “scientific fact” that men have large brains.