Greyhound hosts howling workshops

Gavin, a seven-year-old greyhound, has started holding creative workshops to help other dogs fulfil their howling potential.

Gavin is widely regarded as a master in the art of using his voice to make it sound as if his heart is breaking in his very chest. 

He discovered his skill after being left alone in the house and realising that he could quickly get the neighbours to come around and see if he was OK, and to offer him company and walks.

greyhound smile

“The trick is to lift your head up to the sky while howling,” Gavin told his disciples. “Visualise the pipe leading from your lungs up to your mouth and keep it as straight as possible.

“Once you’ve perfected that you can have a bit of fun with the sounds by changing the shape of your lips a little. I’ve found the ‘woo-woh-woo-woh’ technique to be particularly effective but go with what works best for you.”

He added that it helps to have a partner to howl with – feeding off each other’s energy and inability to gauge time – in order to truly achieve one’s potential, but acknowledged that this is not always possible for lone dogs, hence the popularity of the workshops.