Border collie seeks counselling for workaholism

Jet, a Yorkshire-based Border collie, has reluctantly started seeing a counsellor after receiving an ultimatum from his common-law-wife, Ruby.


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Ruby had hoped that after Jet retired from farm work he would have more time for leisure activities, but was disappointed to discover that he was as focused on work as he had ever been.

“We’d go for a walk on the hills and I’d be in the middle of a story about the kids and it was lovely, you know, but suddenly he’d spot some sheep and off he’d go, offering to help organise them,” she said. “It’s like I was invisible.

“We can’t have a normal conversation without him going on about how so-and-so doesn’t listen to instructions or so-and-so doesn’t run close enough to the ground.”

Jet has made it very clear that he’s attending the sessions under duress. “She knew who I was when we go together,” he said. “It was my drive and attention to detail that initially caught her eye. It’s her who’s changed, not me.

“She’s got a bit of Labrador in her. I think that’s the problem.”