Cat can’t even remember what pissed her off

Tigger, a nine-year-old house and garden cat, has confessed that she doesn’t remember what she is so cross about.

Tigger: can’t recall source of rage

The Manchester-based cat realised quite suddenly that she’d been in the grip of a terrible fury for 90 minutes without even the vaguest recollection of what caused it.

“I tried to retrace my steps to work it out,” she explained. “I remember beating the shit out of a toilet roll I found next to the bed. And before that I pulled a few plastic bags out of a drawer in the kitchen and ripped the corners off with my teeth.

“I also clearly remember scratching the bejesus out of the new sofa, and feeling pure rage as I did it, but I can’t for the life of me remember what triggered this mood.”

She added: “I even kicked my own face with my back paws. No idea why.”